Let’s do something about World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought Day.

1 min readJun 17, 2021

We’ve warmed the world by more than 1°C. Ice masses 3 km thick, formed over 2000 years, began to melt. As it melts, it also heats up and the melting rate increases further. Everything in the system is interconnected. If one part of the climate system crosses the critical threshold, the domino effect will cause other parts of the system to cross the critical threshold as well.

We’ve crossed the critical threshold for glaciers. The result of global warming is flooding, which comes with extreme rainfall and drought, followed by rainlessness.

Result inevitable desertification.

The world is about to get to a point where we can’t turn it away. Drought and desertification could affect 169 countries, displacing 25% of the land area and 50 million people.

The main source of change in the world is human, that is us.

Fossil fuels used for energy warmed the world by more than 1°C. Conversion to renewable energy sources is crucial for our future!

Our only chance is a world economy without fossil fuels.

We still have a chance. Let our world not be a desert.





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